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It's Cozy Season - UGG
Fashion · Dezember 01, 2021
Everyone knows them and everyone who's tried on a pair before loves them - the UGG boot. What started in 1978 as boot for Australian surfers, has become a must-have for anyone who likes to combine comfort and style.

Fashion · April 15, 2020
To be fair, I often choose sneakers over boots when I have to leave the house. They're comfortable, mainstream and overall easy to wear. However, thanks to people like Sangiev, who are well known to wear boots on the regular, I've developed a strange love for boots over the past years. It all started with my first pair of Saint Laurent Wyatts, followed by SLP Harness Wyatts, CK Raf Metal toes and now the Balenciaga Santiag. Somehow I'm really into western / cowboy boots and the Balenciaga...